Who We Are


Planfarm Advisory is an independent business that has been formed to provide farm business advisory services to the Southeast of Australia, Including Victoria, South East South Australia and Southern NSW. 


Planfarm Advisory aims to provide broadacre farmers across Australia with the knowledge and experience that the greater Western Australian Planfarm team has developed over the last 5 decades.


 By Introducing Farm Business Advisory to the Southeast of Australia in regions such as the Mallee, Wimmera, Western districts and Northeast within Victoria,  as well as in the Riverina of Southern NSW and southeast of South Australia, we can provide advisory services that will benefit farming businesses, their families and the larger broadacre sector.

Our Services

Planfarm Advisory offers a range of services to elevate and develop your farming business. 

These services range from farm business profitability analysis, forecast budgeting, and strategy development services for better whole-of-business farm management.

Farm Business Adviser

Planfarm Advisory utilise our  46 years of experience in farm advisory to advance farming enterprises throughout Southeast Australia, including Victoria, Southeast South Australia and Southern NSW.

Case Study: Meet the Gellert Family of Clanvale Farms.

Working with Planfarm Advisory for the Clanvale Farms owners Martin, Ruth, and

their son Adam Gellert has been integral to the expansion and growth of their business.

Implementing a succession plan through continued conversations with their advisors instils confidence in decisions, with the aim of sustaining profitability for the farming enterprise.

The external expertise of Planfarm Advisory created goals of

consolidation and to seek to clearly understand the new increased capacity of the

business. Objective decision-making is essential due to the farm’s size and complexity. 

Planfarm Advisory offers an external and objective perspective, which is deemed

Essential, to provide farm management services to better run your farm for the future.

Are You the Future of Farming?

Planfarm Academy is one of Australia’s leading agri-related learning platforms and allows families
or individuals to create and achieve their vision for the future. Enrol now for the Planfarm Academy
Business of Farming and Introduction to Agronomy courses at heavily discounted rates, or take a look at
our new Advanced Agronomy course.

Business of Farming Course

Be as good at the business of farming as you are at farming itself by taking your business skills and knowledge to the next level.

Introduction to Agronomy

Gain a greater understanding of broadacre farming agronomy delivered by our experienced agronomists.

Advanced Agronomy Course

Dig deeper into each agronomy topic and benefit from a face-to-face meeting at the end of the course.


Pictured on the Corke family farm, ‘Rolvenden’. The Corke family partnered with Planfarm in 2004.

Looking to Invest?

A majority owned subsidiary of Planfarm Pty Ltd, Australian Farm Investment Management (AFIM) manages Australian broadacre agricultural investments for institutional and sophisticated investors.


How We Help

Providing farm business profitability analysis and strategy development for better farm management.

Client Testimonials

We’ve had the principal farm for 80 years and, like any business, you can get a little comfortable. Partnering with Planfarm gives us another perspective and allows smarter, independent decision making and analysis. We better understand the profit drivers in our business which has led to the opportunity to expand our operation via acquisition and lease.

– James and Margaret Couper
We’ve partnered with Planfarm for three generations. They help to keep us level headed and to approach farm operations, succession planning and general busineWe moved from South Africa two years ago, as potato and summer crop farmers, broadacre grain and sheep was a whole new experience. My son JP has taken on the full responsibility of farming our farm after the loss of my husband in South Africa only weeks before we moved. Planfarm have been critical in strategic planning and educating us on Australian farming conditions and accessing and building historical production records. Planfarm is an important factor in our succession planning as our situation is not a simple, standard plan, their role is vital for our future as a young family.

– Samantha Van De Velde
We’ve partnered with Planfarm for three generations. They help to keep us level headed and to approach farm operations, succession planning and general business with a balanced view. They are a great sounding board for our ideas and bring many of their own to the table. Importantly, Planfarm’s historical records of the business allow us to review data and make informed decisions. I’ve also participated in Planfarm Academy which has been very beneficial.

– Paul Ward

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